About Pharos University

On July 15th, 2006, the presidential decree No. 252 for founding PUA with seven faculties was issued. On August 31st, 2009, the presidential decree No. 202 was issued for four additional faculties. Moreover, PUA has been licensed from the Egyptian Council of Private and National Universities to operate a total of eleven faculties.

Pharos University is the first private university in Alexandria. It was established in accordance with the latest internationally acknowledged standards and parameters regarding higher education quality, and is supported with advanced, highly equipped scientific laboratories. The university started its mission in 2006 as an educational institution offering a Bachelor degree in the 11 faculties, and starting 2016 it opened enrolment for postgraduate students in the health profession, mainly Master degree. The university is planning to extend postgraduate programs to other professions that are relevant to the existing faculties.

Pharos University is currently a member in the Association of Arab Universities, of the Euro-Mediterranean Universities Union (EMUNI), and the Agency of Francophone Universities (AUF).

On the academic level, Pharos University aspires to form effective partnerships with renowned international academic institutions in order to equip its graduates with an outstanding level of knowledge and skills. Such partnerships aim at raising the educational standard at Pharos University to an international level, thus providing PUA students with exceptional educational services and advanced qualifications. Partnerships and cooperation open up opportunities for joint educational programs and researches, encourage the exchange of students, faculty members and researchers and provide scholarships to PUA graduates and academic staff members. In addition, conferences and seminars are regularly held between Pharos University and the partners from academic institutions.

Accordingly, the University has signed a series of cooperation agreements with a number of European and American universities (euro-Mediterranean universities union) in order to benefit from their advanced modern teaching methodologies and implementation of sustainable development in various fields of science, as well as the application of international quality systems of education and research. Faculty staff and student participate in exchange programs between PUA and other universities in order to take advantage of the expertise of those universities in achieving local and global SDGs and further their development and acquire the necessary skills to compete in the local and international labour market.

On the administrative level, Pharos University selects its prospective employees in accordance with the highest professional standards so as to be able to carry out the required administrative tasks that could enhance the international academic level that the university aspires to achieve. PUA administration has implemented the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 in accordance with the field of each department, it is approved and currently in the stage of receiving the final certificate